Sleep Walker

by Jaguardini

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As a score to Robert Weime’s 1920 German Expressionist
horror film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, this album was
written to unfold with the narrative and convey the inner
psyches of the characters on screen. With influence from
PostPunk, DarkWave, and PsychRock, the distorted
instruments and haunting chords go hand in hand with
the contorted shapes and eerie images created for the film.


released August 6, 2015

Music Written & Recorded by Ivan Christo.
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Perez at Blue Sprocket Sound.
Guitar, Bass, Synth & Vocals by Ivan Christo.
Guitar on “Cracked” Written by Adam Blackburn & Ivan Christo.
Drums Recorded by Brian Klima & Performed by Josh Hebdon.
Drums on “Asylum” by Josh Hebdon & Ivan Christo.
Drums on “Cracked” & “Caligari” by Ivan Christo.
Trumpet by Michael Pressel.

This Album was made possible by:
Steve Christo, Kathleen Farrell, Jay Zehr, Nathan Campbell,Michael Crocket, Susan Crocket, Pete Stallings, Able Thought, Alex Bond, TJ Davis, Mason Shelby, Patrick Fitzgerald, Brian Klima, Zach Williams, John Wild, Tim Estep, Brent Finnegan, Amy Jo, Demetria Christo, Trevor Chase, Chris Perez, Bill Howard, Caroline Bryan, Josh Hebdon, Jeff Gorman, Mike Pressel, Mikey Gardner, Jack Merline, Carmel Clavin, Dave Abbott



all rights reserved


Jaguardini Richmond, Virginia

A multi-genre platform to create music. From darkwave / psychrock to electrohouse / chiptune. Open source format including a variety of artists and musicians. Influenced by Dan Deacon, Crystal Castles, Pink Floyd, Fischerspooner, The Cure, Ghostland Observatory, Clan of Xymox, Beethoven, Washed out, MGMT, and Disasterpeace. ... more

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Track Name: Unspeakable Truths
Open your eyes
sleep for twenty years
did you dream?
did you feel nothing at all?

Your awakening
brings forth a buried mind
a sleep walker's visions
step forward into the light

He speaks your name, cesare
guiding your every move
like a new born you emerge from your tomb

Now you have their attention
your words
they conjure their darkest fears
speaking unspeakable truths
truths no one should ever here

- when will i die?
- when will I die?
- when will i die?
- when will i die

is it a matter of choice?
or a matter of time?
Track Name: Caligari
I dig the earth
for Buried lies
It splits apart
i look inside

Beneath the crust
guarded truths
a beating heart
in its tomb

I am your obsession
I am your passion
You share a mind
With the man in the cabinet

I move my legs
the earth starts shaking
the earth collapses
in itself

I reach my hands
for a solid ground
I spiral down
and down

I re-emerge
to face the mirror
my own reflection
unsheathes its knife

I try to turn
but the blade cuts deep
I pull it out
and he starts to speak

I am your obsession
I am your passion
You share a mind
with the man asleep in the cabinet
Track Name: Sleep Walker
I slip into the dream world
asleep and awake
I take to the streets
my only escape

my pupils reflected
in back my mind
peering further inward
to another's desires

a moving shadow
obscured by the darkness
street lights revealing
my skeletal form

trapped in my own skin
the devil's plaything
my idle hands
enlisted into violence

Sleep Walker...

A surrogate body
in my stead
he covers my tracks
as i walk lik e the dead

I try to break free
as i'm haunted by her face
what have I become?
why am I here?

I crawl onto the pavement
fighting the urge
the blood lust pulling me
like a puppet master

is this my own will?
or is it his?
do I have a say in these malicious actions?
Track Name: Asylum
Lost in the darkness
in the depths of your mind

a false reality
is where you find asylum

She's the queen of hearts
YOu look her in her eyes
but as she turns her head
you see there's nothing there

fever's high
thoughts they are confused
with brick and mortar gone
the structure starts to fall

distorted faces twist
surrounded by hyenas
laughing in your face

Accusations fly
with such certainty
but its you who is judged
to be condemned

you've all cracked
you're all lucid dreamers
the one that stand before you
has the blood on his hands

you've all cracked
you're all lucid dreamers
this is no asylum
its a den of lunatics

you've all cracked
you're all lucid dreamers
I'm not the guilty one
i swear i'm in contro

you've all cracked
you're all lucid dreamers
Please wake up reconsider
you're making a mistake
Track Name: Cracked
As I pass through the threshold the ghost on my shoulders extends its black wings and ascends to the clouds

I cover a bridge where insidious truths become mangled and twisted like disfigured roots

I dare to look back and i witness my sanity lying in a shadow at the sleepwalker's feet

The bird re-emerges and dives from the sky he feasts on the corpse of my fragmented mind

Oh please lord forgive me
what have I done?
take a look at my hands and
they are covered in blood

The face in the mirror
No I swear Its not my own
I see a murderer, a liar, a face made of stone

Rain fire from above
please come down and cleanse my soul
I don't deserve your mercy
I'll repent forevermore

I have cracked
It was all a lucid dream
I'm the Sleepwalker
I am Dr Caligari

I have cracked
I've been lucid dreaming
Tell the Dr. Caligari
Tell that dreamer, Cesare

I have cracked
I've been lucid dreaming
Yeah tell my Queen of Hearts
I'll see them all when I wake